Hello and welcome-

Adam here. We decided that it's about time we give this whole blog thing a shot. So bang.

We were talking today how we wanted to let you guys in on our lives. You know.... the real stuff. What books we are reading. Pictures of my cats, Gus Gus and Mama Bear. Selfies of us being pensive at a coffee shop. My ever growing vinyl collection. Stuff like that. AND OF COURSE REAL THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. I'd do that kinda stuff on instagram but for some reason it never felt right. Plus I'll convince myself no one will read this, so I'll probably spill my guts. I'm excited.

So anyway, welcome to our blog. Hopefully it will be worth your time. We are hoping to update it every tuesday. I'm telling you that so it keeps me accountable. Somebody set it in their reminders to tell me to write a blog. ;) That's a joke. OBVIOUSLY I HAVE MY OWN REMINDERS. 

Here's one quick thought. Social media drives me up a wall. It has made us all try to make our lives look way more exciting than it really is. It's a game of perception: to make other people think we are awesome. When the truth is, the salad we had for lunch had way too much dressing on it and we were waiting and praying that someone would call or text to invite us out for dinner. But instead we just tweeted "It's nice to have a night to myself". I'm guilty like you all. But someone had to say it. It still comes down to the fact that every person in the world wants to be loved. Not for who they COULD be, but for who they REALLY are. We all want to be truly known. And for some reason we have found affirmation in a like button. If we could all sit down with our great grandparents they would tell us how needy our generation is. How about we all try to go today with only checking our phones 3 times total. Sounds crazy right? But maybe we would find freedom off our leash.

Welp, that didn't take long to get real.

Talk to ya next week.