Meet Gus Gus


This is Gus Gus. He is an adventurer and he loves water. Most days he takes naps in the sink, hoping and praying you will turn on the faucet. He is also always there when you are ready to take a shower to get his fix. He walks the side of the bathtub back and forth til you are done. Yes, we realize it's weird for a cat to like water. But we have embraced it. :)

You are probably asking why Gus Gus? Well friends, we named him that cause when he was born he looked like the mouse from Cinderella. Chubby and cute. 

Today I was working on a gift box for our local radio station. You know.... thanking them for playing our music and Gus wanted to get involved. Typical. Guess they are gonna get more than what they bargained for!

As weeks continue, you will get to meet more of the family. Goodnight for now.