This September tour is one I'll always remember. It was filled with lots of laughs, many miles, some really good food, and plenty of beautiful people. 

We were opening for Joshua James, an artist I've respected for many years. It was a pleasure getting to travel the Midwest with him. He and his band are some of the most loving and spirited men I've met in a long time. They experienced every moment to its fullest and it rubbed off on us. 

Touring can be a hard life style. If you aren't mentally prepared, it can be a life that is quite emotionally draining. Just like home life, the thing that keeps you going is community. If you have each other's back you will make it. No matter if you don't have a place to crash that night or only your family showed up to the show. Thankfully, this tour wasn't lacking in community. We rallied together and became close friends. We even did some camping together and spent time off the stage. 

Here are a few pictures from the road.



We stayed at this campsite an hour outside of Raleigh. We made tin foil dinners and cooked them over fire. Through the evening we passed the guitar around and sang songs we all loved. This was the night our album released. I was checking my phone from our tent waiting to see if it was on iTunes yet. Thankfully I had a bit of service out in the woods.


We had a house show in Iowa on the third night of tour. A very generous family treated us like their own. Welcoming us with delicious food, homemade wine, and plenty of acres to roam. We were led to the lake by one of their young daughters. Instead of staying on the path, she took a short cut through this crop field. It made things interesting. :)



We rode roller coasters in the Mall of America on a day off. A kind lady that worked in one of the stores gave us all day passes to ride whatever we wanted! We left with big smiles and maybe a few upset stomachs. :)



This is the green room at Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. It came stocked with a record player and plenty of vinyl options to keep the vibe rolling through the night. 



The tour ended on a very high note for us. After 2 years since our album has been finished we finally got to release it! And we had a party to celebrate with our hometown in Nashville. Lots of close friends and family were able to come and be apart. It's nice to finally have our record out and no longer have to say "it's coming soon".

I must say this was one of my favorite tours I've been apart of. Funny how you can play really big shows for lots of people but not be fulfilled. Then play for a small crowd and it mean so much. We didn't play to thousands of people this month, but the folks we did play for cared and listened. And that made all the difference. If you were apart of that with us, we want to thank you. In high school, my dream was to be a professional musician. And every day you make that a possibility for me. 

Much love to you-