Playing in L.A. is always exciting and freighting at the same time. We woke up in San Diego and first thing I did was drove to the beach and ate a breakfast burrito while absorbing up the Pacific Ocean. 

We hit the road not too long after and got in time to see some favorite people of ours over at Secret Road and then had a meeting with our label peeps at Chop Shop. All good things!

The show was one I really enjoyed. The crowd had so much energy and it just really brought the best out in us. We loved it. After the show, we obviously got a late night meal at In and Out before hitting the sack. All in all a good day! The weather is perfect out here. 

Mission beach in San Diego

Safety first 

Played the mint. Really wanted to make herb jokes all night. Restrained myself. SentiMINTal. :/

Singing songs is fun