NEULORE to join Communion Music Tour in May

Nashville modern folk band NEULORE – led by the songwriting duo of Adam Agin and William T. Cook - sign with Los Angeles indie Chop Shop Records (distributed by Island Records). The single “Shadow of a Man” has already been featured in several TV shows such as ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and impacts radio March 31st. U.S tour dates to commence in May on the Communion Music Tour (the artist collective helmed by Ben Lovett from Mumford & Sons) and headlining dates with Bootstraps supporting.

Adam Agin and William T. Cook met in 2008 and soon after began their musical collaboration with the release of the EP Apples & Eve (2010). Rather than writing individual songs, NEULORE explores central themes throughout their projects.

“After the first spin, I was compelled to return to NEULORE’s songs again and again,” says Chop Shop founder Alexandra Patsavas.  “The music is so artful and immediate and tells story after wonderful story for the listener. We are thrilled to be releasing NEULORE on Chop Shop/Island.”

It’s that attention to detail that’s taken them 2 ½ years to realize their full-length debut Animal Evolve. The chorus of the single “Shadow of a Man,” is an invitation to join a community intent on bettering themselves and the world we live in by shutting the door on the parts of our past that prevent us from moving forward. “Light Your Torch/And Follow Me/ Let’s Burn The Boats Back To Who We Used To Be”

“When landing in a new territory, settlers used to burn their boats so that they knew there was no chance of retreat,” explains Tyler. “Shadow of a Man is a portrait of loved ones whose decisions have tarnished that beautiful part of them and a plea for them to reclaim their true self. Many times, the only way to create the life you want is to turn around and not look back.” 

And with NEULORE, theme often directly inspires music. “Cinema has always affected the way we think,” Adam explains. “The music has to match the visual we’re creating. We’re huge fans of movies, so it’s natural for us to dream up some sort of visual scene… and then figure out how that scene would sound.”

The visual element carries to the stage, the backstories helped inspire the band’s symbolic clothing and stage setup, too, transforming NEULORE’s concerts from routine gigs into actual experiences.